Filmmaker Creates an Imaginary City

Filmmaker Adad Joel Warda has been living and working between San Francisco and Prague for more than a decade. During his travels, he has directed videos in over 15 countries and he has become fascinated by how climate shapes culture and society, especially by how climate change is affecting our world.

For 12 years, he had a developing dream, “to tell a very epic yet personal sci-fi story about how the actions we as a society take today will define the world we’ll have to live with tomorrow.”

“I call it SKY CITY HAYA! It takes place in a climate-ravaged future, where a brilliant yet troubled bounty hunter must find his former lover’s missing husband — the only person who can stop the world’s first sky city and humanity’s last hope from crashing to the earth,” the artist shared with Bored Panda.

To see his progress, check out Warda’s Instagram account where he shares images of his Sky Cities.