Find Out the Worst Possible Way to Spend $100

If you try to think about the worst thing you ever bought, you’ll probably realize that you have made a fair share of bad purchases in your life. But, what is the worst possible way to spend money? Well, BuzzFeed’s YouTube channel tried to answer that question in their latest video.

Garrett recently came up with some extra money, and he decided to share it with his friends Aria, Annie, and Shane, giving each of them $100. However, there was a catch in this charitable act. The trio couldn’t use the money on the things they wanted to buy but had to spend it in the worst way possible.

To make this challenge a bit more exciting, Garrett laid down a set of rules:

– Spend $100 as poorly as possible

– Do so in under two hours

– Shop at no fewer than four store

– Daisy-chain the purchases

To find out who among Aria, Annie, and Shane managed to make the worse purchase and what’s the most terrible way to spend $100, watch the video below.