For the Love of Dogs: This Brand Caters to Vizsla Owners

The Trotting Dog brand has a very specific target audience: dog lovers, and even more specifically Vizsla dog lovers. Run by Vizsla owner, Marianne, the small brand specializes in greetings cards, stationery, and personalized gifts, all aimed at pet owners.

“We do love creating gorgeous illustrated dog collections but more importantly support people who work to rescue and re-home Vizslas,” reads Trotting Dog’s website. The business itself is run from Marianne’s home, situated on the Isle of Wight, and shared with her two Vizslas: Spike, a Hungarian Vizsla, and Milo, a rescue from Cyprus.

Her business was founded in 2017 after Marianne crowdfunded and self-published a children’s book featuring illustrations of Spike. Her drawings became so popular that she decided to run with it, creating more designs and personalized gifts that include mugs, bags, cushion covers, and prints. Her products are all hand printed, making for a more personalized touch.

“I love that I am part of a global pack of dog lovers which the internet and social media has opened up,” Marianne told the Printed blog. “As a bit of a late starter, I am 47 and solo parent my kids, working in the creative industry from home with an online business has been completely accessible.”