You’ll Love Amina’s Stitched Floral Garden

Amina is a self-taught embroiderer whose interest in the craft began around 2013-2014. She’s very passionate about flowers, which is not surprising, given that her Embroidery Journal looks like a beautiful garden. In the past, Amina has tried other crafts before even considering embroidery. And when she had done her first stitch, she fell in love immediately. It was love at first stitch. 

The romantic flower images are done in long and short stitching; which technique the talented embroiderer Trish Burr uses. Although she doesn’t have an artistic background, she starts her process by creating a sketch on a piece of paper and brainstorming through the color palette. Then, she traces the drawing in Photoshop, prints it, and thinks through the whole plan of how to stitch it.

Amina is also known for her remarkable guided classes and sheets. While she makes her artwork, she takes pictures of the whole process, which is important for PDF patterns. Although it makes the process twice slower, she doesn’t care because her goal is to make detailed instructions.

“I like to compare embroidery with a mountain range. For example, let’s say you like surface embroidery. This becomes your mountain which you climb little by little, step by step. But as soon as you top it, you see many other mountains waiting for you,” Amina said in an interview for Embellished Talk.

If you want to see her beautiful work, check out the gallery below.