Former DreamWorks TV Designer Shares Cute Animal-Inspired Puns

It’s not hard to see that Piper Thibodeau is an artist with a great sense of humor. She describes herself as a former full-time character designer for DreamWorks TV and freelance designer whose portfolio is overloaded with projects done for Nickelodeon, Intel, Sesame Street, and GameLoft.

Currently, she is working on a project where she depicts hilarious yet whimsical illustrations of animals becoming puns. Hamster becomes a Slamstar, a siamese is now Cyanese—you get the idea. Perhaps the best way to explain it is for you to see it for yourself.

Her artistic journey began eight years ago in 2012, and since then, her goal has remained the same: to continue and evolve as she grows artistically.

“I really enjoy focusing on optimism in my work, particularly during these hard times, and if my work manages to add a little ounce of sunshine into the viewer’s day, I consider that a win!” the artist told Bored Panda.

You can buy greeting cards, prints, and stickers from her website and support her journey on Patreon so she could improve both her work and equipment.

Check out the gallery below if you want to see the adorable puns.