Dani Ives Uses Needles and Wool to Create Amazing Artwork

Gifted fiber artist Dani Ives makes enchanting portraits by “stabbing wool fibers until they look like paintings.” She uses her remarkable talent for creating private commissions, exhibitions, and galleries.

Although her artwork looks like it was done with paintbrushes, in reality she uses needles and wool to create her brushstrokes. She even named her masterpieces Painting with Wool.

Ives has painted portraits of famous icons such as Frida Kahlo, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Dr. Jane Goodall. Her portfolio is also comprised of domestic and wildlife animals, plants, fictional characters, and landscapes.

Dreaming about becoming a veterinarian, Ives always loved animals. She describes herself as a science nerd with a passion for biology, epidemiology, anatomy, physiology, ornithology, and ecology.

While working in a zoo back in 2010, she was introduced to needle felting by her coworker. First, she made three-dimensional animal figurines, but three years later, she began experimenting with two-dimensional felting. In 2015 she decided to leave her job at the zoo and pursue her art as her full-time job.

You can see her beautiful work on her Instagram account called Be Good Natured, where she has attracted more than 117,000 followers. If you are interested in her art, check out the gallery below.