French Artist Draws Beautiful Wall Art in His Paris Hometown

In some places, street art is not welcome. But if one day your path takes you to Paris, you might notice some brilliant wall art displayed there. If you do, there’s a good chance that it’ll belong to the 33-year-old French artist Charles Leval.

Growing up, Leval, who also goes by the name Levalet, has experimented with many other mediums of art. However, bringing cities to life is his favorite thing to do. His creations are mostly funny, playful, and very astonishing.

“I didn’t start working in the streets because I was first and foremost interested in the street,” Leval told Bored Panda. “What I wanted— and what keeps being my aim—was to work on reality and produce a context-sensitive art.”

He then added: “Not simply to show one’s productions ranging from picture rails on a neutral medium and beckon the eyes to enjoy it, but also an art which is a means of intervention and joins an outside reality and aims at modifying it.”

He currently has over 70,000 Instagram followers. However, his beautiful and realistic-looking artwork was seen by many more people from all around the globe.

If you are interested in his creations, check out the gallery below.