Spectacular Cardboard Creations by Greg Olijnyk

Cardboard is great if you want to quench your creative thirst. You can manipulate it in various ways, and the material will remain in decent shape even after multiple trials and errors.

Now, most of us follow a simple path when it comes to being artsy with cardboard. It usually includes folding, cutting, and piercing several holes, and the final outcome is rarely impressive.

Melbourne-based artist Greg Olijnyk, on the other hand, likes to go in-depth when working with cardboard. He takes his time, uses various techniques, and gets spectacular results each time.

For several years now, Olijnyk has been creating cardboard sculptures inspired by science-fiction. His works are amazingly structured, well thought, and highly detailed.

Despite creating cardboard figurines and objects, Olijnyk makes sure he includes all the little nuts, bolts, and screws, to make his pieces as realistic as possible. Some of the robots he makes even have movable arms and legs, while wheels on means of transportations can rotate.

In one interview, Olijnyk explained that he uses cardboard as his preferred material because it is easily shapeable and affordable. He gets his ideas from sci-fi literature and art he comes across on the internet.

Check out more of his works below.