Fumiya Watanabe’s Charming Inami Sculptures Are Inspired By Moments From Daily Life

Fumiya Watanabe is a Japanese artist who creates charming Inami sculptures inspired by moments from his daily life. Inami is a traditional Japanese woodworking technique in which craftsmen use more than 200 different chisels to create expressive pieces.

Watanabe’s Inami sculptures show people riding animals, enjoying simple things in life like reading a book or wondering about the world that surrounds them. Despite being miniature in size, they pack an impressive amount of details and prompt the viewer to get invested in discovering their intricacies and trying to piece together a story they are telling.

According to Watanabe, he draws inspiration for his works from things that surround him like nature, his family, and animals. The feelings these things prompt in him are what give him ideas for his creations. He draws these ideas in a sketchbook and then chooses ones that can be replicated in wood.

“Coexistence of the everyday, life, seasons, nature and people. Ideas come from such things,” Watanabe tells Fishink. “Regarding the sculpture itself, I think it is more important how to make it than what to make. The shape of the sculpture is important. Light and shadow. Texture. Emotions are transmitted from there.”

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