Stop-Motion Video Shows a Knitted Frog Making a Strawberry Pie for a Knitted Toad

India Rose Crawford is a knitting artist and content creator who creates whimsical and wholesome stop-motion videos featuring all sorts of charming knitted creatures.

One of Crawford’s videos that got our attention is about a knitted frog making strawberry pie for a knitted toad, and it is as awesome as it sounds.

The clip documents the entire baking process, from cutting strawberries and cooking them to rolling the dough and assembling the pie. As a bonus, we get to see the knitted frog setting the table and dressing up for the occasion before sharing the tasty-looking strawberry pie with the toad.


Frog makes a strawberry pie for Toad ❤️🥧✨ Extended Version! ✨ #knittedfrog #frogandtoad #cottagecore

♬ Sh-Boom – Crew Cuts

Crawford’s strawberry pie-making video got close to 30 million views and left TikTok users amazed.

“I can’t tell if it’s a puppet or stop motion,” one TikToker commented.

“Physically I’m here. Mentally I’m a knitted frog baking pies,” another added.

Crawford’s TikTok profile is full of similar videos in which her knitted creatures enjoy all other activities, like having a picnic or even painting some art. At no point does it seem like you are watching stop-motion content but a proper short movie. Scroll down to check out more of them.


AD| Frog and Toad go camping! 🏕️ #AppleTVPlusPartner I’ve re-created some scenes from the new season of Frog and Toad! I had so much fun making this video and I hope it brings you some joy ☀️ Season 2 of Frog and Toad is out now on @Apple TV 🐸🐸💖

♬ original sound – India Rose Crawford

Frog and Toad have breakfast in bed 💖 🥐☕🐸🐸 F&T are slowly and gently waking up from hibernation 🌱 Spring is coming! Thank you @Tom Rosenthal for recording this beautiful version of Morning O for this video 🥹🎶❤️ #cottagecore #frogandtoad #knittedfrog

♬ Morning O by Tom Rosenthal – India Rose Crawford