Funny Video Of a Great Dane Trying to Play With Kittens

Image via @greeneggs_/Twitter

Animals are an endless source of inspiration for all of us who love searching for funny videos on the Internet.

Twitter user @greeneggs_ shared a video of his sister’s dog trying to play with kittens. This lovely giant dog called Ruadh, was holding a string in his mouth and pulling it around hoping that these kittens would like to play with him for a while. He probably saw his owners playing with the kittens this way before, so he tried to follow their lead and grab their attention the same way. It appears that it didn’t work though.

The Twitter user also shared the story of how Ruadh found these kittens abandoned on side of the road when they were only two weeks old. Ruadh’s owners took the kittens in and they’re trying to find them a new home.

Take a look at this funny video.