Get a Hit of Nostalgia With These Illustrations of Random Objects From the ’90s

The ’90s was a great era for many kids. The music and the movies were amazing, the toys were cool, the internet was just beginning to take over, and the video game revolution was in full swing.

Inspired by these great times, Belgian artist Bert Musketon recently decided to start an art series in which he illustrated random objects from the era. Musketon set himself a challenge to make 29 illustrations in 29 days, and the results are awesome.

Among his works are all those objects that you liked growing up if you were a kid in the ’90s. The list includes a Nintendo Game Boy, an old school Casio watch, a Playstation 1 console, a VHS tape, a mobile phone with an antenna, and much more.

According to Musketon, all of these illustrations have been created using Adobe Illustrator.

“I drew one object every single day for 29 days straight,” he explains. “On average it took me 4 hours per drawing counting up to an average total of 116 hours to create all these artworks.”

This hard work really paid off, as the illustrations proved to be quite a hit among his social media followers. Check out more of them below.