Kassandra Guzman Makes Cheerful Ceramic Pieces With Wobbly Handles

It’s hard not to be moved when looking at Kassandra Guzman’s ceramic works. They are simple and minimalistic, yet there is something about them that makes them unique and cheerful. Could it be the bright colors, vibrant designs, or the fact that they have wobbly handles?

Guzman started her journey as a ceramic artist back in 2016 when she decided to try her luck in the pottery business and establish a studio in her apartment. She worked on her skills while also looking for ways to get people interested in her products. As it turned out, the latter wasn’t all that tough as Guzman was natural and her small-batch releases would quickly sell out.

As her business grew, Guzman was also growing as an artist. She started experimenting with various designs and at one point found herself focusing on the handles of her ceramic pieces. This led to the creation of exciting new collections that featured organic shapes with whimsical handles.

These collections brought Guzman more exposure and even caught the attention of interior designers for Showtime’s variety series Ziwe. They contacted her and this led to one of her pieces even making the set of the show. This inspired her to continue working even harder and she currently has several new projects lined up. In the meantime, let’s check out more of her works below.