Getting Over a Break-Up? Try Traveling

Traveling is about fun and adventures for most people, but for Emily Luxton, a London-based travel blogger, it was about getting over a breakup. And it was just the therapy she needed.

Back in 2015, Emily’s boyfriend decided to end their six years relationship. This came as a surprise for Emily as they were talking about settling down, not breaking things up. Naturally, she was devastated. But while others cope by staying in bed until the pain goes away, Emily decided to pack a bag. A short trip to Scotland convinced her that the best remedy for her troubles is to take on the world.

Traveling alone wasn’t just fun. It was a scary experience at first, and Emily had to deal with a lot of loneliness and uncertainty, just like she did when her boyfriend up and left. But dealing with those fears was her way through.

Today, Emily is a full-time travel blogger and completely over her ex. She uses her blog and travels both therapy and as a way to connect with others and experience the world. She’s the living proof that being alone doesn’t mean being lonely, and that traveling single can be just as much fun as being part of a duo. So if you ever feel alone and afraid, check out her account. You’ll feel better in no time.