Girl With a Sleeping Disorder Illustrates Her Hilarious Dreams

Having nightmares or vivid dreams can be tiring, but one girl from Oxford, UK found a way to cope with her sleeping disorder. She started drawing and sharing her illustrations on her Instagram account and little did she know the response would be more than positive.

The creator of the hilarious illustrations is a girl named Anita Myrvang who dreams a lot. Her first artwork was made at the end of May and her dream was about her not knowing how to steer the boat so she asked a baby to do it instead.

“My dreams are basically an infinite source of drawing ideas, and I’ve now gone from ‘oh my gosh, what is going to happen tonight…’ to ‘oh my gosh, what will I draw tomorrow?’”, Myrvang shared on Bored Panda and added that she was surprised how many people can relate to her dreams but are too embarrassed to say them out loud.

Which was your most hilarious dream you have ever dreamt of? Don’t be shy, share it with us!