Be an Eco-Conscious Tourist with the Guidance of Alison Abbott

Traveling in 2020 has been a challenge, to say the least. But with 2020 slowly coming to an end and the pandemic far from being over, experts reflect on how the tourist industry will look like in the days after COVID. A recent article in the National Geographic listed the ways in which travel will change after the pandemic.

But it’s not all bad. In fact, according to one expert, this pause in international travel gives us the gift of time to consider how we can travel more consciously; the silver lining being that consumers are doubling down on sustainability.

Of course, eco-tourism has been on the rise for some time. Seasoned travel-blogger Alison Abbott knows best. Abbott’s online platform, Green With Renvy, has been dedicated to eco-friendly travels from the moment of its birth; with blog posts including anything from Sustainable tourism in Costa Rica to Natural Remedies Using Poison Ivy.

“I focus on eco-friendly and responsible travel,” she shared with Travel Awaits. “With over a billion people traveling [the interview was published before the pandemic], it’s important to know where your dollars are going. A few simple steps can help to make the industry and destinations a lot more sustainable.”

“I think travel makes us all better citizens and helps to open minds,” stressed Abbott. “In particular, I enjoy off-the-beaten-path destinations and want to help others learn about unknown destinations.”

When travelling is safe, we’re sure to take her sound advice.