Guy Builds Custom Guitar Using 1200 Color Pencils

There are many creative DIYs that use pencils you can find online, but Burls Art took the whole thing to the next level. He created an impressive custom guitar body and you can see it in the video below.

“I saw a lot of people online making bowls out of colored pencils and I thought that was really cool but I wanted to make something that I can actually utilize and enjoy more so than a bowl when it’s finished,” Burls Art says. “Since I play guitar, I thought this would be a cool project that would accomplish that goal. I decided on making a (Fender) Stratocaster styled electric guitar… This was the first guitar I’ve ever built”

“It was surprisingly not as difficult as I would have imagined,” he shares. “The only real struggles didn’t come as much with the actual guitar building as much as it did with the colored pencil material. By that I mean, the color of the colored pencil would smear when sanded with high grit sandpaper and it looked awful. So I had to figure out a way to achieve good wood/lead color without smear.”

He didn’t use any specific brand of pencils, but bought the cheapest ones he could find on Amazon.

Below is the whole process.