This Guy Has Written Over 350 Funny Notes About Being A Stay-At-Home Dad

Image via messagewithabottle/Instagram

Chris Illuminati decided to become a stay-at-home dad (SAHD) after the birth of his first child. While still home on maternity leave, his wife left him alone with his newborn son for the first time.

She reminded him over and over again of all the duties he needs to do while she was gone. “I better write this down,” he joked, and grabbed some post-it notes and wrote “don’t forget to feed and keep the baby alive.”

He forgot all about the note. After a week later, he found it on the floor of his office and the website, “A Message With A Bottle,” was born. In January 2014, a short post about his website went viral via social media sharing. He was featured on various media outlets such as Huffington Post, The Today Show, Good Morning America, The Daily Mail, and The Blaze. He was even a guest on famous morning shows.

As of today, he has written over 350 notes and still continues to make one.

Check out his latest posts below.

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