HBO Hides Real Iron Thrones Around the World for Fans to Find

Millions of fans around the world are waiting for their favorite TV show Game of Thrones to return one last time this April. But before that happens, some of them might get the chance to claim the real Iron Throne!

How, you ask?

As if we weren’t hyped enough already, HBO decided to hide six life-sized Iron Thrones all around the world for us to find. Fans are supposed to track them down using clues from the website called “For The Throne”, and they also released an hourlong live video on their YouTube channel.

The thing is, five thrones have already been found in Sweden, Spain, Brazil, Canada, United Kingdom. It seems that those who were lucky to find the thrones first were given a golden Baratheon crown as a prize.

Don’t worry, you still have a chance to join this exciting quest. HBO will release one more video of the last Iron Throne. If you’re able to discover the secret place where it’s hidden, you’ll be the one sitting on the throne that’s made of thousands of swords.

Good luck!