Here’s How to Decorate Your Fall Porch Like Zoë Sugg

For many of us, autumn is the most beautiful time of the year. It is when Mother Nature throws on the most colorful outfits, and most importantly, it is the perfect time to have an excuse and buy new home decor.

For those who like to follow the trend and decorate their homes and porches but still haven’t had the time to beautify it, no worries, here is some advice from the world-famous Zoella Sugg, aka Zoë on social media, whose second most favorite time of the year is fall.

Each year, Zoë buys loads of orange, white, and green pumpkins in different sizes. However, she says on her Instagram that none of these pumpkins go to waste.

“We use some for soups/pumpkin purée for baking, pass on to friends and family to cook with, decorate at Halloween/pass on to friends, family, and neighbors to carve, feed the birds and wildlife and any that don’t get eaten or given away go in our compost bins ready to be used another time on our garden!”

You will also need some hay bales and maize bundles, which you can purchase on farms. Do not forget the yellow-orange flowers!

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Go big or gourd home 🎃

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