Hilarious Videos Shows Labrador Bolting Owners’ Proposal to Take a Dip in the Ocean

Most people consider pets as members of their family and want to include them in important events in their lives. However, given their unpredictable behavior at times, this doesn’t always turn out as planned.

A recent video shared on TikTok shows what happens when you try to include your dog in a marriage proposal. Spoiler alert: it didn’t work great for the engaged couple, but it brought a lot of laughs to millions of internet users.

In the clip, a man can be seen getting on one knee and proposing to his girlfriend on a beach. The couple’s Labrador named Nola played a significant role in all of it, wearing a bandana around her neck that said: “Will you marry dad? “

But it turned out that Nola wasn’t interested in witnessing romance. As soon as her dad let go of her collar, Nola bolted the scene and headed to the ocean, presumably to take a dip.

“POV: you’re parents are getting engaged but there’s an open body of water,” it says in the caption of the video that got close to 30 million views in just a couple of days since being shared on TikTok.