Hsinping Pan Uses Art to Connect with the World

Hsinping Pan’s happy-go-lucky illustrations have amassed quite a following. With more than 20k followers on Instagram and clients that include giants like Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and Disney, the illustrator and animator has done anything from commercials, movies, and music videos to magazines, book covers, and children books.

“I’ve loved drawing ever since I can remember, but I didn’t think about becoming an artist until I went to college for business,” recalled Pan in an interview with Vivi Studio. “I was really frustrated and confused by my classes and found my true passion in creating things. Now I really appreciate that I initially studied business because it helped me make up my mind to become an artist!”

Growing up in Taiwan, Pan moved to LA to study animation, but after 11 years in LA, she decided to move back to Taiwan. Now she works with clients that are both from Taiwan and the US, taking full advantage of her multicultural background.

“I like to draw colorful things and sometimes make stories for them,” she says. “I found art is the best way to express myself and connect with the world.” Check out some of her work in the gallery below: