If This Blogger Doesn’t Inspire Tou to Travel, Nothing Will

Who doesn’t fantasize about dropping everything and going someplace far every once in a while? But most of us never act on these feelings – it’s just too scary. Liz Carlson, the woman behind the Young Adverturess IG account, did just that.

Liz basically stumbles upon her nomad lifestyle. As a young college graduate, she decided to take a break, put life on hold and travel to Spain for a while. She’d figure her next move there, she thought.

After three years of teaching English in Spain, Liz realized this was her career. After a short stay in the States, she launched her blog, packed her bags and left to New Zealand. Now, five years later, she’s still living her dream. She lives in a tiny village in New Zealand on goes on adventures from there. She documents her adventures on her blog and jaw-dropping IG account.

Liz is also a storyteller with a unique voice. She likes to share her stories with the world, with other travelers and with adventure-lovers at home. She also shares her travel tips with her followers, so that they can plan their own adventures in the best and easiest way possible. If Liz’s story doesn’t inspire you to travel, nothing will.  

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Greetings from your favorite pesky blogger 😭 ever since the #chefgate of the past few days, I’ve done some pondering and dwelling on the idea of integrity, respect and resilience, three things that are fundamentally important to me, and whether I should have shared my experience publicly or not. Ultimately I decided to because at the end of the day, my loyalty will always lay with you guys, my followers. If that means risking my professional reputation, I will ⭐️ I’ve spent close to a decade building this community (and my blog) based entirely on trust. I am nothing without you. You can always trust me to tell the truth, be honest. I will never stop working to earn your respect, and I won’t let you down 🤗 I will always stand by my words, live with integrity and stick up for what I think is important, even if it’s not popular. Secondly, I want to thank you guys for being there for me over and over again. I’m supremely lucky to have a massive squad of supporters I can count on, most people don’t. So now I want to speak to people here who have ever felt like they’re being bullied or shamed, please try to look towards your own community for support when you feel low – don’t keep it in. And you can come to me too. I’ll always be on your team, on your side. You guys have always been there for me, and I’ll be there for you. Don’t ignore it and let it eat at you, and if you feel strong enough, stand up for yourself and others. Live with courage and kindness ❤️ #kiakaha

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