Iisa Hero is Inspiring People of All Ages & Budgets to Explore the World

Traveling the world isn’t easy when your budget is extremely limited, but Iisa Hero will convince you it’s not a mission impossible. She’s sharing her amazing travel stories with thousands of followers, and she’ll inspire you to hit the road—no matter how young or broke you might be.

Hero is a 22-year-old travel blogger from Finland, who’s exploring the world full-time. She’s still in school, studying business administration, but since she’s doing it fully online, she decided to pursue other passions along the way.

Hero has been in love with travel since her high school years, when she spent some time as an exchange student in Australia and New Zealand. Her love for travel kept growing as the years went by, and she set foot in 45 countries so far.

Hero built a huge following on social media, with 200,000 people on Instagram and 140,000 on TikTok, who appreciate her humble approach to travel. She describes herself as someone who’s committed to “showcasing beautiful destinations around the world and teaching her followers how to travel on a budget while still enjoying unique experiences.”

Hero is an advocate for slow travel with a budget-friendly twist, and she’ll show you how to explore the world without breaking the bank. Her viral series “the best places to visit when you are young and broke” will introduce you to many amazing destinations you can check out without spending a fortune.