Illustrator Brings Life to Famous Logos

If you thought that a logo is a simple image portraying your company, you have never been more wrong. Try saying that to an actual logo designer and see what happens!  

In order for a logo to make a difference, it needs more than a few lines, some text and a little bit of shadowing. It needs to breathe freely and attract people! The world’s most famous logos have many hidden details and drawings you haven’t even noticed. Ever seen deeper into FedEx’s logo, or Toblerone’s for that matter? They have hidden items for you to find if you haven’t already. There is a reason those are classics! 

Illustrator and designer David Huynh from Canada seems to know the deal. He takes logos from famous brands and injects them with life! He sees right through them and reflects their true philosophy and identity. He started off with Nike and Adidas but he later moved on to Amazon, McDonald’s and so on – you name it!  

Those logos describe the true selves of all the brands we know. Just by looking at them you have the feeling you know what they are all about.  

Enough chit-chat, this artist deserves your attention, so enjoy his “brand” new remade logos!