Tattoo Artist Creates Miniature Artistic Worlds

Havva Karabudak is a Turkish tattoo artist who creates amazing illustrations inspired by art history. They are often placed in circles or have circles added around them in some way. The artist lives between Brooklyn and L.A. She has been working on her tattoo designs for the past nine years, and before that, she worked as an art teacher and muralist.

Karabudak uses incredibly thin lines and small details to create her miniature pieces that range from famous paintersโ€™ interpretations to portraits of pets. Sheโ€™s especially good at creating evening skies and deep waters and weโ€™re in awe with each new painting we see. 

The artist has over 630,000 followers on Instagram, so itโ€™s no wonder sheโ€™s typically booked for months in advance. If you want to see more of her work, visit her Instagram page where she regularly posts new work.