Illustrator Makes Paper Figures to Take Pictures Instead Of Her

Taking a trip is always a thrilling and challenging experience no matter your destination. The things that we do while traveling stay with us forever and so do the pictures we take. Or do they? 

Ana Stretcu is a Romanian illustrator living in the Netherlands and she had a rather unusual idea – to make unforgettable photos of her journeys. As a camera-shy person with a huge desire to create pictures that won’t end up in some folder on her computer, she decided to make something special that would be remembered long after her trip. That’s when Stretcu got the idea to create paper dolls for her and her partner and to take pictures of them instead! 

The project named “I was cut out for this” was supposed to end after their 3-week journey, but Stretcu made such adorable pictures that it was completely unacceptable to just stop there! So, she decided to keep exploring the world in the company of her paper adventurers and share their stories on social media.  

You can see more of the stories that these adventurous paper figures have to share on Stretcu’s Instagram profile.