Illustrator Pays Homage to Her Favorite Musicians

Sara Thielker’s illustrations are the meaning of wholesome. Environmentally conscious and a fan of green living, she prints her work on recycled or sustainable paper and does not use plastic packaging for any of her products.

Born in Oxford and currently based in Wiltshire, she sees her art as an extension of herself and her love for the earth, which makes sense judging by the number of plants and flowers that are seen throughout her work.

But in a recent series, Thielker laid aside her love of greenery and instead focused on her love of music. “The thought is to capture the music that inspires me while I create,” she explained on her Instagram page.

Her illustrations feature quilt-like interpretations of her favorite albums and musicians. “I feel like imagining up record art, being free, not overworking and not overthinking is going to be fun,” she wrote. “It’s important to create art for yourself in between client work and I’m looking forward to sharing this with you all as I go.”

Check it out below.