Tracey Meek’s Ceramic Art Will Spark Joy in Your Life

Tracey Meek creates watercolor illustrations and collages, but it’s her child-like ceramic sculptures that really grabbed our attention. Inspired by people, nature, and science, she creates with one goal in mind: to make people happy.

“I like making things that make people happy,” she told Inky Goodness. “I love the personalised element to it, especially with gifts. A lot of people come to me with a commission for a friend who has a pet that they love dearly, or they want me to pull their personal quirks out from. I just love the thought of them opening this completely unexpected gift.”

“My media is often mixed,” she added, talking about her creative process. “I draw, first and foremost though. I’m most comfortable using a brush over a pencil. I enjoy working with collage, as well as clay, and wire/paper sculpture.”

“I’ve been experimenting with clay and larger, more color and texture based, minimal painting,” she went on to say. “With the ceramics, I’ve managed to pick some comic characters right off the paper, and mold them into these life like creations, that are also really sellable products.”

Check out her Instagram page below.