Incredible! See What A 4D Cube Looks Like

Artist Nicky Alice developed an amazing 4D cubed sculpture, made of mirrors. “I started working with mirrors in 2007,” he writes on his website. “The unique medium has gotten a positive reaction from people who appreciate different types of art, I was motivated to continue it as a profession, which goes along smoothly with my childhood dream of being an artist.”

If his unique style of work doesn’t set him apart from other artist’s enough, he also uses his own natural pigment in his work, offering a more intimate medium. When asked what inspired this new style of work, he said: “I wanted to offer my viewers not just a piece by the artist, but of the artist.”

“I became very interested in the study of consciousness and the images in my dreams, so I etched them in reflective glass so I can see myself and my dream while in my waking life.”

Take a look at his mesmerizing 4D creation below.