Introduce Your Children to the Animal Kingdom with the help of Katrin Wiehle

Katrin Wiehle’s illustrations are very much informed by her upbringing. Born in a tiny village in the North of Germany in an old farmhouse, Wiehle says she was surrounded by sheep, horses, and chickens – all of which tend to feature in her work, alongside other farm animals and wood critters.

Now Based in Atlanta, GA, where she shares a home with her husband, child, and two cats, Wiehle’s backdrop is very different. “Even though Atlanta did seem alien to me in the beginning, I have grown to love it and am very thankful for all the creative people that I have met and become friends with,” she shared in an interview Lake. “I still travel back to Germany as much as I can, so I can spend time with my family and friends and get my fill of the German breakfast and riding the train around Europe.”

Her childhood backdrop also shows up in her illustrations, both in terms of subjects and style. Having illustrated a fair share of children’s books, Wiehle’s illustrations very clearly appeal to a younger audience, with her animals full of character and spunk.

“I have always been drawing and ‘creating’ things and never really wanted to do anything else,” she says. “I think I would be completely terrible at an office job.” Luckily for us, she shares her creations online.