Eny Lee Parker Will Inspire You to Reorganize Your Space

Staying home has never been more critical. But with that comes the added responsibility of making our surroundings fit this new, impossible reality. Now is the time to look up to interior designers for tips and tricks.

Our first stop is Eny Lee Parker. A designer of objects and spaces, she’s known for her artistic take on furniture design, with her creations being both decorative and functional. Her materials of choice include wood, metals, and ceramics.

“I always start with a topic that I am really interested in whether it is feminism or an art movement,” she shared with Matter of Hand, relaying her creative process. “Then I sketch a bunch, make a lot of mood boards, start some model making or prototypes, and after that I make it.”

Born in Brazil and currently based in Savannah, Georgia, Lee Parker started out with interior design before discovering a passion for furniture design. “I never had confidence that I could actually design things until I came back to Savannah and enrolled in a master’s program for furniture,” she explains.

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