Mike Lowery Will Inspire You to Stay Home and Draw

With a staggering 190k followers on Instagram, Mike Lowery is a force to be reckoned with. Known for his signature doodles, his work is both humorous and insightful (one series of illustrations, for example, is dedicated to random facts). Indirectly, his practice might also inspire you to take a pencil or pen and start sketching.

“My biggest bit of advice is to make a point to draw for at least 30 minutes a day,” Lowery once remarked in an interview with Travel Channel, when asked for creative advice. “For some, that seems really tough (it seemed impossible for me at first), but I think it’s incredibly important. You’ll find your voice and figure out how you like to work and draw. It’s also a great way of recording your progress as an artist.”

Lowery practices what he preaches. Aside from a steady stream of illustrations posted daily, his Instagram also includes tips and tricks on cultivating creativity. A recent series, titled aptly, “Stay Home and Draw (with Mike Lowery)”, features basic instructions on how to create your own flipbook from the comfort of your writing desk.

“When I was little, I had a grandmother who was an artist and she encouraged my brother and me to keep sketchbooks,” recalled Lowery, explaining the origins of his practice. “Later, I had a college professor who required we draw in one every single day. It really forced me to draw a lot. I used my sketchbooks as a place to experiment with how I draw, what I draw and what materials I use to draw.”

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