Jason Lyons Looks For Hidden Shapes Hidden in Everyday Objects

Sculptor Jason Lyons makes the ultimate case for upcycling. Using discarded objects (anything from an old typewriter to broomsticks), he creates unique sculptures that take after animals and insects.

According to Lyons, through his unique creative process, he developed a talent to visually dissect, reinterpret and then repurpose the materials found in his sculptures. Led by the materials themselves, it is the organic nature of many of the man-made objects he reclaims that serve as the initial inspiration for his work.

“I look for these shapes buried within objects,” Lyons explained somewhat poetically in a piece he published on Artsy Shark. “I then utilize these shapes and reinterpret them into the anatomical structures that make up the organic sculptures I create.”

“Creations from man-made objects discarded as refuse and reinterpreted to form objects found in nature are the inspirations for my art,” he adds on his website. “The simple spoon forms the body of a rainbow trout; a discarded children’s toy becomes the foundation for a moose; horseshoes transform into armadillos.”

His creations will inspire you to look for artistic potential in the mundane objects around you.