Jessica Dance Knits Everyday Items

Textile artist and interior designer, Jessica Dance, likes to keep busy. “I’m usually sculpting, knitting or stitching,” she told Lifestyle Tails. Her work includes creating props that are used in advertising campaigns, editorial work, and art installations, commissioned by brands as big as Christian Louboutin, BBC, and Google.

“I always aim for my work to be graphical, with a playful edge,” says Dance. “I always strive to produce a carefully considered design, with a strong concept, using quality materials,” she adds. Her playful designs include textile recreations of objects like shoes and designer bags (there’s even a knitted model of the original Apple Macintosh!)

“I’m often inspired by very ‘normal’ everyday items, items that portray the luxury of choice and comfort in the western world, whilst at the same time hinting at the excess that is often taken for granted in a fast-paced, immediate society,” Dance explained, adding that “the irony being each knitted or embroidered piece that I make has taken hours/days/weeks to create.”

“Knitting and embroidery is typically perceived as a ‘feminine craft’ however I try to take gender out of the equation when coming up with ideas,” she notes. Her work will inspire you to start knitting, if nothing else!