Take It Easy with Krista Perry’s Illustrations

There’s beauty to be found in Krista Perry’s illustrations. There are also a lot of patterns. Based in Boston, Ma, Perry’s life philosophy is to have fun – a worthy goal, especially when times are as bad as they seem these days.

According to Perry, it was while studying for her BFA in illustration, that she took “a very serious oath” to make something fun every day. This overall cheerfulness comes across in both the subjects she tackles and her creative process.

“When I start working on illustration stuff it’s usually pretty easy for me to get lost in it,” she admitted in an interview with Red Cap Cards. “I like to pick out a favorite record or find something to listen to like a documentary or podcast to get started.”

“My very favorite part of the process is working on the small details of the painting,” she adds. “I like to see how realistically I can render things. It has always been a super fun challenge for me.” Her patterns and color choices are greatly inspired by the ’60s and ’70s, calling to mind vintage ephemera and packaging.

The work itself is made using mainly Gelly Roll gel pens, POSCA paint markers, Tombow dual tip markers, metal mechanical pencils, and gouache. “I usually prefer to paint with HOLBEIN ACRYLA GOUACHE.” says Perry. “They have THE BEST COLORS! They’re so yummy and beautiful! Sometimes, I like to practice with traditional gouaches (the kind that reactivates when water is added). They each provide their own special qualities that I get way too excited about.”

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