Jewelry Made out of Vintage Ceramic Plates

Gesine Hackenberg is an Amsterdam-based artist who primarily makes jewelry. And the pieces she comes up with are far from what you would expect.

Instead of using precious metals and shiny rocks, Hackenberg opted to make necklaces, earrings, and rings out of “domestic objects.” According to the artist, this helps her explore the “conceptual overlap” that exists between the things we use in everyday life and jewelry.

Hackenberg, who worked as a goldsmith apprentice and has a Master of Arts degree, uses various materials for her unique jewelry. But the pieces that arguably stand out the most are the ones made out of vintage ceramic plates.

Besides being old, these plates are also full of art, various motifs, and decorations, which further contribute to the charm of Hackenberg’s creations.

This talented artist harvests small parts of ceramics from plates by puncturing them. They are then polished and incorporated into the jewelry, while the rest of the plate remains as a solid structure that could be an artwork by itself.

“I like to reinterpret classical genres of art and jewelry history while translating those elements to my own contemporary world,” Hackenberg says about her work.

You can check out more of her creations below.