Try a Gluten-Free Diet with Nicole Cogan

Nicole Cogan’s motto is worth adhering to. “Just because your life has to be affected,” says the founder of, a food and wellness blog, “doesn’t mean your lifestyle has to be.” Cogan knows what she’s talking about. After being diagnosed with gluten allergy when she was 19, she made adjustments to both her life and her menu.

“When I first started NoBread my goal was to find gluten-free options in restaurants and in stores, and to make the gluten-free experience easier for those who had to follow the diet,” she explained in an interview with Sweety High. But exploring gluten-free options for Celiac patients was one thing. Cogan actually took it upon herself to change the way restaurants catered to customers with gluten allergies and other dietary restrictions by outlining their gluten-free options and accommodations.

With a massive following online, these days her website-turned-brand offers a guide to the best gluten-free dishes around the world, delicious recipes, as well as Cogan’s favorite wellness tips and tricks. “In a society and culture that’s all about extreme diets and fads, using the word plant-based feels less intense,” she explains. “It endorses the vegan lifestyle, but in a flexible way.”

According to Cogan, to excel in wellness means you’re living your true, authentic life. “True wellness also means living in balance,” she stressed. “It’s allowing yourself to live and indulge, while also maintaining overall wellness philosophies and goals.”

Indeed, Cogan’s philospohy and lifestyle can be adopted by all eaters alike. Her recipes can be made by anyone, anywhere, and anytime and her travel blogs are meant to show that you can still travel the world with your allergy. “I hope to inspire people to live their best lives, despite whatever challenges they may face!” she says. “And I try to make it look fun—and delicious—along the way.”

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