John Mayer Started the Kylo Ren Challenge and Now Everyone is Doing It


Star Wars: The Last Jedi has divided the Star Wars audience. While some love the movie, others aren’t keen on it, thinking it was too different from the previous entries in the franchise. And then there is a Kylo Ren shirtless scene.

Portrayed by Adam Driver, the character of Kylo Ren appears without a shirt in one of the scenes, which caused the fans to go crazy. For many, there was no need for a scene like this, but for others, that’s just what the franchise needed.


Of course, people started making jokes about the shirtless Kylo and then came musician John Mayer who took the things to a whole other level. He posted an Instagram photo of himself shirtless and added #kylorenchallenge.


Guess what? Now everyone is doing it and it couldn’t be more awesome. Check some of the best challengers below.


And then there is this cute guy!