Julian Frost’s Simple Animations are Surprisingly Captivating

Julian Frost is a New Zealand-based artist who specializes in animation and illustrations. You might know him for his super entertaining mobile Dumb Ways to Die, on which he served as a director.

Frost is engaged in lots of other projects, including creating kids’ books, but the part of his creative output that we really enjoy are the simple animations he shares on social media.

The artist’s Instagram profile is full of short clips that are created in a simple manner but are so captivating that you can’t take your eyes off them.

For example, one of his animations shows a human-like figure dancing between flying swords. And as many times you see the loop, you are impressed with the elegance of the figure and its ability to avoid the sharp edges.

Another animation shows the amazing versatility of a banana. For example, it can be used as a seesaw, skateboard, bike wheel, and much more.

According to Frost, he approaches his animated videos, which he calls “idiotic zen poetry,” similarly to the way comedians approach one-liner jokes. He believes they are crafted in a way that every line fits perfectly together, and removing just one would ruin the entire joke.

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