Kleo Bakery’s Number Cakes Are Taking Birthdays to a New Level

If you love celebrating your birthday so much that blowing out the candles on your birthday cake simply isn’t enough, Kleo Bakery’s got you covered. They specialize in making amazing number-shaped cakes for anyone who wants to mark their special occasion this way.

Age is just a number, but it’s still worth celebrating reaching another important life milestone, and Kleo Bakery helped countless people do it in style. Some of the most delicious ingredients are already out in the open since they’re used as toppings and decorations.

Kleo Bakery was founded by Moscow-based pastry chef Kristina Leonenko, and her creations became such a huge hit that she ended up attracting over 50,000 followers. Her signature sponge cakes are usually decorated with fruits and cookies, but they’re not always shaped like numbers.

She also makes similar cakes shaped like letters and all kinds of other formations, such as hearts and circles. Other types of desserts can also be found on Leonenko’s Instagram, including fondant cakes, popsicles, and cupcakes.