This Artist Will Razzle Dazzle You

How to describe Amaryllis DeJesus Moleski’s art? The edge of the rainbow, a childhood fantasy, a bit of this and that… Using materials that might be classed as femme, foolish, and disposable, she mixes together sequins, mirrors, and beauty supplies to create delightful collages, prints, and paintings.

“In the lineage of drag and carnival, I re-claim these materials and let them take up space and ritual significance,” she explained in an interview with Art of Choice. Currently attending the Yale School of Art for an MFA in Painting and Printmaking, her work incorporates drawing, installation, and performance.

“For the past year I’ve centered light, mirror, and video as my primary materials,” she said. “My main exploration has been around how I can have flamboyant material objects produce the ephemeral lighting conditions under which that object is seen. Sequin refracts video content into illegible constellations, mirrors bend white light into rainbows.”

“Material experimentation is a big part of how I begin, and most of it doesn’t amount to anything I would want to show people,” she says. “But I’ve learned that I have to do it. A lot of listening to music and trying to make rainbows in the dark.”

Feast your eyes at some of her whimsical creations, and follow her Instagram for more.