LA Artist Decorates Her Colorful Paintings With Swarovski Crystals

We usually see Swarovski crystals in the jewelry and fashion world, but the works of Los Angeles artist Hannah Lupton Reinhard show that these shiny rocks also have a place in art.

Lupton Reinhard creates intriguing and colorful paintings that touch a number of subjects, including the exploration of her Jewish heritage and what it’s like to live in American society as a young Jewish woman. She combines the depiction of religious rituals with contemporary scenes while drawing inspiration from her own life. This enables her to come up with layered pieces that encourage the viewer to unpack the deeper meaning of each work.

After finishing the painting, Lupton Reinhard then decorates it with Swarovski crystals. According to the artist, her original intention was to make her work both “funny and serious”. She later realized that this process also gives her paintings a physical presence thanks to the interaction of crystals with the light.

“I want to force the viewer to dig past the initial sort of bait, the shiny finish, and find the complicated, hard-to-articulate feelings,” Lupton Reinhard explained in a recent interview.

You can check out the intriguing paintings from this talented artist below.