This Edible Shoe Was Made Out of Bread

Japanese food artist Manami Sasaki often creates amazing pieces of art that are completely edible and one of her latest projects is this edible shoe that’s made out of toast. Previously, Sasaki has created art on regular pieces of toast but her last work is different. It represents a perfectly designed sneaker made with pieces of bread, edible flour and water glue, and some other toast ingredients.

“This is a vegetable toast with a focus on deliciousness! The parts are glued together with flour. Of course, these shoes are delicious to eat,” the artist writes in the Instagram caption. “Each part of the pattern is made of a different type of bread. When I baked them, the good smell spread throughout the room.”

Sasaki’s Instagram page has nearly 50,000 followers who enjoy her toasty artwork. Some of her previous pieces were inspired by famous artworks but most of them are original. She first started making toast art when the Covid-19 pandemic started and she was bored at home. She found it challenging to wake up early in the morning with not much to do, so she bribed herself with toast for breakfast. Eating art for breakfast sounds awesome, we have to agree!