Lauriana Meziani Depicts Enchanting Night Scenes

Using only night and sunrise color palettes, French illustrator and graphic designer Lauriana Meziani depicts magical night scenes and cosmic and imaginary landscapes symbolizing space and loneliness. In an interview for Bored Panda, the London-based artist explained that art gives meaning to her life and knowing that she can give life to macrocosm that she constantly has in mind.

“I try to make my characters anonymous as much as possible so that everyone can be free to project themselves,” Meziani said and added that she entirely works digitally. “90% of the time, I sit in front of an empty artboard open in Illustrator, put on some (very loud) music and try to reproduce what I have in mind. What was the last thing that recently inspired me? Sitting on a night train? Looking through the window of my room at 3 am? Or was it the dream I had last night?”

If you are fond of beautiful art pieces, check out her work below. Don’t forget to follow her on Instagram for future updates.