Lindsey Bugbee is a Master In Calligraphy

Growing up in rural Kansas, calligrapher Lindsey Bugbee had to find creative ways to keep busy. That was when she discovered her knack for art. “I discovered that making art was a great way to have fun,” she recalled in an interview with Sweet Meadow. “My mother didn’t mind letting me draw or paint on certain walls, and we had a sand driveway that I could make line drawings in after it rained. My grandmother used to color and paint with me, and I remember watching her and thinking, ‘I wish I could keep inside the lines like that!’”

Now, years later and based in Boulder, Colorado, where she shares a home with her husband and baby boy, she treats art as a career. A full-time calligraphy artist and teacher, Bugbee has mastered the art of lettering and passes it on to her many fans. With almost 100k followers on Instagram – she clearly has her work cut out for her.

“I think that pretty penmanship comes with being able to draw,” she says. “If you can convincingly depict a 3D object onto a 2D object (e.g. draw a sunflower on a piece of paper), you can write. It just takes a steady hand and some practice! I don’t use traditional calligraphy styles, though; I like making up styles as I go. Often I create new styles depending on the client and what I think will be best for their event.”

Her untraditional calligraphy styles have sure caught our attention!