Lisa Lloyd’s Paper Sculptures Are Inspired by Birds

Lisa Lloyd is a gifted graphic designer and paper artist who creates realistic-looking sculptures of birds, butterflies, and other living creatures, made entirely from card and paper.

She highlights that she has been working in the commercial industry for 20 years, and adds that she mostly finds inspiration from nature, but that she also takes it from the design world, like fashion, interiors, and graphic design.

According to Lloyd, “paper is the perfect medium to express the beauty of nature, with its tactile quality and a vast range of colors and styles.”

“Through practice, I’ve learned how to sculpt the paper so they look like they’re titling and turning their heads, which makes them feel more alive. Also, I try to give the wings the appearance that the birds are ruffling their feathers, also to make them seem more alive,” she told Colossal.

Check out the gallery below to see her 3D masterpieces. Which one is your favorite?