She Left Everything Behind And Began Traveling With Her Dog

How many times have you dreamed about leaving everything behind and go on a traveling adventure around the world? Well, one 24-year-old girl broke up with her boyfriend, quit her job and is now living the van life with her dog, Ella.

Sydney Ferbrache from Indianapolis, Indiana worked three jobs to save up to buy her van. Her inspiration came from when she went on a solo trip to South Africa. “I did a ton of research on safety and women in South Africa and I backpacked around Cape Town and Johannesburg for three-and-a-half weeks,” Ferbrache told Insider.

“My parents were petrified the whole time I was there. Everyone was so apprehensive about it. But I knew I would be okay. And when I got home I said, ‘I’m totally capable of doing anything.’ That was my first trip alone, and it really changed my life.”

Although she is constantly on the road traveling all over America, she works full-time from her laptop.

You can follow her adventures on Instagram where she religiously posts beautiful images of herself and her pup.