Lithuanian Artist Embroiders Metal

Lithuanian artist Severija Inčirauskaitė-Kriaunevičienė is considered one of the most original artists of the younger generation and one of the most acclaimed authors working in the field of textile in her homeland. She loves to embroider, but instead of fabric, needle, and thread, she choses to embroider metal and similar materials.

“Severija transfers the uniform patterns from the magazines onto huge aluminum pot lids and turns these unattractive objects of imposing size into prestigious objects of desirable interiors,” says her personal website. “When it ends up on a bucket, a ladle or a car door, a serialized kitschy ornament paradoxically transforms them into unique handicrafts. Erasing the line between everyday kitsch and high art, the artist ironically reflected on both the universal pursuit of beauty and coziness and an overly serious approach to art.”

You can see some of her work on Facebook. Scroll down and take a look.