Makeup Artist Creates Lifelike Cartoon Doll Face

Cartoon characters, especially females, have signature large eyes and almost perfect facial features. A talented makeup artist created two cartoon doll faces, and it’s absolutely amazing.

Her name is Katie Butt, and she has amazed a lot of fans who love her work. The first one is more or less an animated cartoon face with the large eyes. Although she has to close her eyes to complete the look, the result is astonishing. She also has a video of how she completed the process on her Instagram page.

The second cartoon doll look is more like an anime. She uses a white shade with some shades of yellow on the hair and on some parts of the face. The result is so real that you would think it is a mask. But it is purely makeup and talent.

Scroll below to see the beautiful transformation. Check her Instagram page for more pictures of her work.